Golden Girl



”…The sculptures are extraordinary. Huge, metal busts measuring a meter or more in diameter. Gaps, cracks, scars and holes all add up to create a map of a face with its inimitable expression. Those faces are alive. A hint of primal, raw wildness gives them an unpolished, exotic look…”

by Malgorzata Gnot,

From ”TALENT IN THE JUNKYARD”, Kurier Lubelski, 31.05.1996, Poland.


The works can be appreciated for their rich colours and texture. It was emphasized that Valkov found the original (unique for him) style right from the beginning of his carrier, something that other artists are looking for a lifetime and often without success. For the audience “the Valkov’s Style” was the form, and rarely undertaken by other artists, the theme of the Gypsies.

by Jerzy Żywicki, Ph.D

University of  Maria Curie-Skłodowska in Lublin, Poland