11110566_916933864995424_4183991776573873695_o (1)Stoian – Atanasov Valkov creates an artist’s interpretation of the “Fate of the Gypsy” through a collection of sculptures, paintings, reliefs, drawings and sketches. Each unique resemblance exudes a mysterious lifestyle and nomadic existence from a segment of society that travels in the shadows of urban Europe. The use of bold sizes, shapes, media, color, patinas and finishes all blend together to project Stoian’s history which mimics that of his subject mater. Born in a small, communal Bulgarian village, raised by working class parents, sketching and painting throughout his school years, progressing to the University of Poland where he gained an exceptional education in fine art as well as an opportunity to teach, and then traveling to the United States to pursue his love for the arts have greatly expanded his experiences, peaked his imagination and readied him for a position in modern art history.

Life and Work

Valkov was born in Ekzarch – Antimowo, Bulgaria, in 1957. He has lived in Poland since 1986 where he studied at the Institute of Fine Arts of Maria Curie Sklodowska – University of Lublin, Poland in years of 1987-1992 and in 1992 he received the Master of Art’s degree in painting and sculpture.

After graduating, he was employed at the University as a faculty member. Simultaneously, he worked in the Lublin’s Welding Works where he started to create new cycles of sculpture using his own welding techniques. Cycles of monumental sculptures made of steel, bronze, cast iron, and plaster models were produced. They provided inspiration to 43 works of art (portraits, busts, personages, and sculpture composition).

The most significant exhibitions to the date:

  • Painting Exhibition, Museum Szydlowiec, Poland (1994)
  • Sculpture Exhibition , Ethnography Museum, Tarnow, Poland (1995)
  • Sculpture Exhibition, Golebiowski Gallery, Bialystok, Poland (1996)

Recent achievements include:

  • The artistic scholarship awarded by the Soros Roma Foundation, Zurich, Switzerland.
  • His work can be found in galleries, museums and in the private collections of art collectors in Bulgaria, Germany, Poland and Sweden.

Education and Work Experiences:

1974-1978 – High School
1978-1980 – Obligatory Army Service
1980-1987 – Study and work at the Welding Research Institute in Sofia (Bulgaria)
1987-1992 – Study at the University of Lublin under the name of Maria Curie Sklodowska, Institute of Fine Arts, Poland
1992-1997 – Work at the Maria Curie Sklodowska University, Fine Arts inLublin, Poland
1998-2003 – Work at the Modern Art Foundry in New York as a metal finisher of fine arts
2004-2007 – Live and works in the city of Garfield, NJ, USA

– Works as a welder at PCW – Welders, Wayne, NJ
– Creation of huge project in metal series “The Gypsy” sponsored by PCW – Welders, Wayne, NJ
– Contemporary works on gypsum projects, models with above series
– Realize collection devoted to the City of New York and the event of September 11th (paintings, drawings, reliefs)

Technical Skills:

  • 35 years of experience in welding of all kinds of metals and in all types of welding.