Distinct and captivating paintings many gypsy life studies. Each piece abounds with conspicuous character and emotion. Weathered and tattered yet driven to survive, the sadness, pride, slyness and jubilance of his subjects are evident. Stoian’s application of heavy layers of oil or acrylic and choice of subtle color express his passion for artistic expression.

Fate of the Gypsy Gallery #1

Abstract Painting Gallery #2

My abstract painting is art with content not presently real, but possible to imagine. My abstractions are clear, and based on spontaneous psychological action. I accept the abstract form as a symbol and expression for my spiritual condition as the creator. These conditions include sensibility, thoughts, and the mental state I was in during the creation process. This is important for me to create artwork. Several components can lead the observer into my interpretation for the paintings. Such components begin with composition, lines, forms, colors, spaces, light, textures, balance of hot and cold colors, climate, and the mood in a painting. However, this is for the current time. I plan to do different kinds of paintings in the near future. I know very well that an artist cannot become dull and create the same thing for their entire life. The wise artist continues to develop and present to an ever increasing level during the creation process.

Stoian A. Valkov